Terms & Conditions

No fee will be invoiced until the event has passed successfully.

All fees include anticipated travelling expenses.

At present VAT is not applicable on any fee.

Accommodation for Alex may be required to be provided by the organiser or an allowance added to the fee, depending on event location and timings.

Once you have booked Alex Fleming and the event has been logged into our diary then the event is classed as a confirmed booking.

Any confirmed bookings which are subsequently cancelled or moved from their original date may be subject to a cancellation fee at Alex Fleming’s discretion.

If Alex is notified of a cancellation and can subsequently secure an alternative booking on the same date, then no cancellation fee will be charged.

Any cancellation fee will be the value of the original agreed fee minus expected travelling expenses.

If you wish to secure Alex Fleming’s services but you only have a possible date or dates in mind for your event, please notify of us of this and we can “pencil” your event in the booking diary. We will then liaise with you if any other enquiries are received for the same dates on the run up to your event. This will give you first refusal on confirming or moving the date without incurring a cancellation fee.